Cloud Computing: A new approach for Hallstahammar’s IT Companies (Computer Project)

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Study Purpose
Examine the possibility of small IT companies being benefited from a Cloud Computing transition. Through one case study of a software development company and interviews from five Hallstahmmar’s IT companies, we showed how Cloud Computing can enable organizations to decrease IT investments and related costs. Besides we critically analyzed some drawbacks of this latest concept.

Primary and secondary data has been collected based on a qualitative method and a structured approach. The collected material of the secondary data was mainly based on latest journals. The interviewing parts have been recorded and summarized.

Theoretical Perspective
We have used theories of various aspects of business related to Cloud Computing; e.g. innovation and Cloud Computing, business model and Cloud Computing in order to acquire a complete knowledge base for analyzing our empirical data.

Empirical Foundation
A case study of TotalAssist, interview data of LifeCenter AB and interviews of four IT companies of Hallstahammar, are our empirical foundation of the reserach.

IT companies of Hallstahammar may adopt the Cloud Computing paradigm. Besides, yet this new concept has its risks. Security remains a concern among many CIO’s. In addition, we recommend means that a company can pursue while implementing a Cloud Computing transition.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Kokkinos, Andreas – Filippos

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