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Automatic Subtitle Generation for Sound in Videos (Computer Project)

The last ten years have been the witnesses of the emergence of any kind of video content. Moreover, the appearance of dedicated websites for this phenomenon has increased the importance the public gives to it.

In the same time, certain individuals are deaf and occasionally cannot understand the meanings of such videos because there is not any text transcription available. Therefore, it is necessary to find solutions for the purpose of making these media artefacts accessible for most people. Several software propose utilities to create subtitles for videos but all require an extensive participation of the user. Hence, a more automated concept is envisaged.

This report indicates a way to generate subtitles following standards by using speech recognition. Three parts are distinguished. The first one consists in separating audio from video and converting the audio in suitable format if necessary. The second phase proceeds to the recognition of speech contained in the audio. The ultimate stage generates a subtitle file from the recognition results of the previous step. Directions of implementation have been proposed for the three distinct modules. The experiment results have not done enough satisfaction and adjustments have to be realized for further work. Decoding parallelization, use of well trained models, and punctuation insertion are some of the improvements to be done.
Source: University West
Author: Guenebaut, Boris

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