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Granode – A proposal for a new game design tool (Computer Project)

When creating computer games it is necessary to use extensive documentation so that everybody involved in the creative process is up to date. This paper has investigated what prospects there are to improve the GDD process to a more updated version that would be less linear in its format and more user-friendly to everybody involved.

This paper evaluates the game designers’ available tools which were found to be inadequate to do an effective job, mostly because they are not suited for the complex task that is contemporary GDD creation and maintenance.

It was also found that there exists software technology and methodology to address some of these problems; but no evidence has been found that it has been implemented for the computer game industry in a useful manner.

Lastly, a suggestion for a framework that would use a more visual and amorphous workflow derived from the discussed theory is presented. This framework uses an open nomenclature in a node-graph structure where every node represents different entities/objects in the game and is connected to each other by their interaction between attributes.
Source: Linnaeus University
Author: Hörlin, Henrik

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