A Taxonomy of SQL Injection Defense Techniques (Computer Project)

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SQL injection attack (SQLIA) poses a serious defense threat to web applications by allowing attackers to gain unhindered access to theunderlying databases containing potentially sensitive information. A lot of methods and techniques have been proposed by different researchers and practitioners to mitigate SQL injection problem.

However, deploying those methods and techniques without a clear understanding can induce a false sense of security. Classification of such techniques would provide a great assistance to get rid of such false sense of security.

This paper is focused on classification of such techniques by building taxonomy of SQL injection defense techniques.

Systematic literature review (SLR) is conducted using five reputed and familiar e-databases; IEEE, ACM, Engineering Village (Inspec/Compendex), ISI web of science and Scopus.

61 defense techniques are found and based on these techniques, a taxonomy of SQL injection defense techniques is built. Our taxonomy consists of various dimensions which can be grouped under two higher order terms; detection method and evaluation criteria.

The taxonomy provides a basis for comparison among different defense techniques. Organization(s) can use our taxonomy to choose suitable owns depending on their available resources and environments. Moreover, this classification can lead towards a number of future research directions in the field of SQL injection.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Authors: Aryal, Dhiraj | Shakya, Anup

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