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MDP for Symbian (Computer Project)

The content of this report describes a study performed on commission by Cybercom Sweden West. The report describes techniques, methods and development tools used during the project.

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the usefulness with a new Bluetooth profile called Medical Device Profile (MDP) on the Medica trade fair 14-11-2007. The MDP profile that will be released in turn of the ear 07/08 is primarily intended to be used in medical devices.The demonstration is to be made by building a demonstrator consisting of an application running on a smartphone with Bluetooth abilities.

The application will handle the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone and the oximeter, the data encryption and other functionalities and presenting the figures received form the oximeter in a Graphical User Interface (GUI).The final demonstrator consists of a smartphone application programmed in Symbian C++, which communicates with the oximeter using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP).

The application runs on UIQ 3.0 based smartphones and displays heart rate and %SpO2 (The percentage of oxygen saturation in blood), which the application receives from the oximeter.The original idea was to use the MDP profile by porting Cybercom’s C version of the MDP to Symbian OS for the Bluetooth communication, depending on various factors described more in detail inside the report this was not done.

The purpose of the project was still reached, even though another profile then MDP was used. This was done by replacing the considered oximeter for an older version which is using the SPP. By using SPP the same result will be demonstrated but with an older technique, and this will achieve the same result on Medica trade fair. The project was demonstrated on Medica with a successful result.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Jonsson, Erik Persson, Mikael

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