College Library Management in JAVA (Computer Project)

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College Library Record Application is designed and developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the college library. The project is built using JAVA and database using Microsoft Access. The librarian can add, delete, edit book and member details. Users can view the list of all books.

The zip file contains all the necessary .java, .class, .jar .mdb and image files.

Following are some files in this archive:

  • ProjectLibrary.jar
  • Student.mdb

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College Library Management in JAVA (Computer Project)” - 16 Comments

  1. raj said:

    your library system project is nice to understand. Thanks for the downloading of the project.

  2. Muhammad Nouman said:

    This project is very helpful me for developing new projects.
    thanks again

  3. the awanish tripathi said:

    its very simple and best project for newer .
    thnxxx ….

  4. ambarish kumar mishra said:

    thanks a lot……………………….

  5. okumu said:

    uv made learning easy. keep up

  6. JAYRAJ said:

    thanks a lot……….

  7. sohan said:

    the link i cliked for downloading the project is not working..

  8. abou said:

    This is a nice project but this can be implemented using the RFID technology know.

  9. fatima said:

    thankss alotttt 4 the code……….

  10. chakradhar said:

    i fell very haapy

  11. shanmukha vadrevu said:

    The java code is easy to understand.abstract is superb

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