Speech Interface for a Mobile Audio Application (Electronics/Computer Project)

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Today almost everyone owns a mobile phone, adults along with teenagers and kids. Even laptops and other wearable devices such as personal digital assistants (PDA’s) are become more common. We want constant connectivity to networks and the Internet, which in turn makes us more and more available.

Context-awareness will play a bigger role for these devices in the future. Aware of its surroundings, a portable device can adapt and communicate with different devices and objects, hiding complexity from the user. This enables a simpler user interface and reduces user interaction.

This master thesis builds partially upon the prior work done by Maria José Parajón Dominguez. To realize the concept of “context-awareness” HP’s iPAQ Pocket PC h5500 was used together with a server/client application developed as part of this thesis project.

Questions that were addressed; what are the effects on the traffic to and from the mobile device of having a personal voice interface; what are the effect on the traffic to and from the mobile device of having significant local storage; and is it possible to exchanging personal CODECs to reduce bandwidth.

With this background in mind, this thesis focuses on audio for mobile users in a quest to create more useful devices by exploiting context awareness.
Source: KTH
Author: Sverin, Johan

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