Implementation of Bluetooth Baseband Behavioral Model in C Language (Computer Project)

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The purpose of the project is to set up a baseband behavioral model for a Bluetooth system based on standards. A brief introduction of Bluetooth specifications is given in the report and the background knowledge for implementation of this model on a behavioral level is also presented.

In the model, synchronization in demodulation part has been focused on. Simulation results are analyzed later in the report to see how the method in demodulation works. Some suggestions and future works for receiver are provided to improve the performances of the model.

The project in the Division of Computer Engineering plans to implement Bluetooth baseband functions on a processor. Researchers in this division try to implement several Wireless baseband functions on this processor, and Bluetooth is one of them. The projects is based on Bluetooth baseband behavioral model in C programming, and the code would later be converted to assembling code and implemented on the processor.

In this project, several techniques are used: cyclic redundant check (CRC), Forward error correction (FEC), data whitening (scrambling), and Gaussian frequency shift keying (G-FSK) for modulation. Synchronization is also included in demodulation block.

This model is implemented in C programming based on Bluetooth Specification. In order to perform this job, several theoretical (mathematical) and practical concepts should be studied.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Kuo, Ying-Chi

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