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Stock Market Trading

The Project JTrade is a stock market trading program in Java that supports portfolio management, charting, technical analysis, paper trading and experimental methods like genetic programming. It has features like equation storing, quotes storing, graphical analyzing of stock, maintaining portfolios, paper trading, etc.

In the old days, because of the limitations of communications technology, Wall Street was the center for most of the Stock Exchange and Brokerage firms. Today, at this millennial transition, investors can use revolutionary Internet Client–server technology to trade stocks nearly anywhere, anytime, independent of brokers’ fee and service limitations.

The Online Trading application called JTrade, is a new access by the trading public to low–cost transactions and cutting–edge, real–time market information that formerly belonged only to brokers has opened up extraordinary new investment opportunities as well as a crucial need for state–of–the–art information. It is exactly these new–market investment services that JTrade specializes in satisfying.

Conventional trading software may let users search for stocks that meet a certain number of criteria, such as specifications of volume, price, and other indicators. However, those tools usually ask the users to input their own search criteria.

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