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Mobile Phones and Cloud Computing: A quantitative research paper on mobile phone application offloading by cloud computing utilization (Computer Project)

The development of the mobile phone has been rapid. From being a device mainly used for phone calls and writing text messages the mobile phone of today, or commonly referred to as the smartphone, has become a multi-purpose device. Because of its size and thermal constraints there are certain limitations in areas of battery life and computational capabilities.

Some say that cloud computing is just another buzzword, away to sell already existing technology. Others claim that it has the potential to transform the whole IT-industry. This study is covering the intersection of these two fields by investigating if it is possible to increase the speed of mobile phones by offloading computational heavy mobile phone application functions by using cloud computing.

A mobile phone application was developed that conducts three computational heavy tests.The tests were run twice, by not using cloud computing offloading and by using it. The time taken to carry out the tests were saved and later compared to see if it is faster to use cloud computing in comparison to not use it. The results showed that it is not beneficial to use cloud computing to carry out these types of tasks; it is faster to use the mobile phone.
Source: Umeå University
Author: Hamrén, Oskar

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