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Development of Database Support for Production of Doubled Haploids (Computer/Biomedical Project)

In this project relational and Lotus Notes database technology are evaluated with regard to their suitability in providing computer-based support in plant breeding in general and specifically in the production of doubled haploids. The two developed databases are compared based on a set of requirements produced together with the DH-group which is the main users of the databases.

The results indicate that both Lotus Notes and the relational databases are able to fulfil all needs documented in this project, although both systems have their limitations. An often expressed opinion is that it is difficult to combine biology and databases. The experience gained in this project however suggests that it does not need to be the case in instances where data is not as complicated as often discussed.

Observations made during this project indicate that data warehousing with integrated data mining and OLAP tools are surprisingly similar to how the DH-group at Svalöf Weibull works and could be a suitable solution for the production of doubled haploids.
Source: University of Skövde
Auhtor: Engerberg, Malin

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