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The PHP Programmer’s Guide to Secure Code (Computer Project)

Security threats against computer systems are a big problem today which also includes PHP made applications. The report is focused on protection with the help of code and not how you protect a web server. Its purpose is not to educate the readers of the project how to make a PHP application, the purpose is how to program a safer PHP application.

The project contains information about common security threats against PHP scripts. It contains in most cases examples of what an attack can look like and how a protection for that example can be achieved. We have tested all code examples if they work by installing our own server with the configurations according to the delimitations of the project and putting up small PHP applications, which we have attacked and then protected.

The contents and result of this project can benefit developers that use PHP as a programming language for creating web applications, by giving them information about common threats and protection.
Source: Växjö University
Author: Clarinsson, Richard | Magnusson, Samuel

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