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Design and Implementation of an Electronic Voting System with Contactless IC Cards (Computer Project)

In the past, people go to polling place and take the blank ballots, then punch a hole or append the seal. If the seal is not clear enough, or the vote is damaged by soiling, it may bring some debate on the result. In order to resolve these situations, the technology of electronic voting (e-voting) comes into existence.

By using information technology, E-voting system can cast and count votes with higher convenience and efficiency, even make the electoral procedures simple and reduce the mistake rate of ballot examination. Due to construct an E-voting system with practical utility, at first, we compare foreign E-voting system by literature review to clarify the existing problem. Furthermore, we design and implement an E-voting system with contactless IC card. Our system can not only make sure voter’s identity but also ensure the validity of IC card.
Source: NKNU
Author: Jung-Ying Lai | Chun-Fang Lin | Chung-Huang Yang

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