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Temporal Treemaps for Visualizing Time Series Data (Computer Project)

Treemap is an interactive graphical technique for visualizing large hierarchical information spaces using nested rectangles in a space filling manner. The size and color of the rectangles show data attributes and enable users to spot trends, patterns or exceptions. Current implementations of treemaps help explore time-invariant data. However, many real-world applications require monitoring hierarchical, time-variant data.

This study extends treemaps to interactively explore time series data by mapping temporal changes to color attribute of treemaps. Specific contributions of this thesis include: · Temporal treemaps for exploring time series data through visualizing absolute or relative changes, animating them over time, filtering data items, and discovering trends using time series graphs. · The design and implementation of extensible software modules based on systems engineering methodologies and object-oriented approach. · Validation through five case studies: health statistics, web logs, production data, birth statistics, and help-desk tickets; future improvements identified from the user feedback.
Source: University of Maryland
Author: Chintalapani, Gouthami

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