SMS based Remote Server Monitoring System For Corporate Data Centers (Computer Project)

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Problem Statement

For Organizations with huge data centers having a lot of servers hosting numerous applications, it is always a major problem to monitor if each of the servers is up and functional all the time. The problem is more acute during late night shifts when the usual number of network/systems engineers working is less.

Usually, when organizations host the applications on their servers on behalf of their clients, they sign-up a service level agreement (SLA), specifying the allowed down time for each of the applications. Any lack of commitment on the part of the organizations in meeting the SLA could result in loss of business or legal action or both.

So, it becomes very important for the organizations to know if a server is down or non-functional and take corrective action immediately. Unfortunately, for some less time critical applications, it is usually the client who informs that there is a problem with the server when he/she tries to logon to the application Organizations would be very interested in knowing about these server failures immediately and take corrective action before the client starts complaining.

Proposed Solution

There is a need for a web based application which can capture all the organization and data center details and remotely check if each of servers is up and running all the time. This monitoring piece of the application keeps pinging each of the servers at the specific intervals and based on the rules setup and response received it sends out an SMS to a predefined list of specialists whenever there is a failure. This SMS will also contain the information related to the server that has failed and also the time at which it had failed.

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