Cinema Reservation System in PHP (Computer Project)

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The objective of Cinema Reservation System is to provide the facility of booking movie tickets online. Customer can view timing of movie shows and book the show as per the availability. Cinema Reservation System is a PHP/MySQL based.

This project provides ticket reservation system allowing bookings in a few easy steps. Users can easily book for Shows, Change time, Delete order and view all the shows available.

The downloadable zip file contains all the necessary .php and image files. Following are some files in this archive:

  • addfilm.php
  • addtimeafter.php
  • changetickets.php
  • changetime.php
  • del1show.php
  • delfilm.php
  • delorder.php
  • help_admin.php
  • index.php
  • index_admin.php
  • listorders.php
  • order.php
  • searchnr.php
  • setshow.php
  • viewshows.php
  • header.php

Download Cinema Reservation System in PHP

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