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Design and Implementation of a Generic Communication Protocol for use in an IPTV Environment (Computer Project)

With the presence of smartphones and tablets people are getting used to control their technical devices at home with custom applications. This study explores the possibility of controlling an IP Set-Top-Box from an external device.

The focus of this report is finding a way for external devices to control IP-Set-Top-Boxes running the KreaTV platform. To open up for this possibility a service running in the KreaTV platform was designed and implemented to handle communication from external devices.

A protocol for communication was structured and defined to allow devices to communicate with the platform.The protocol includes a base structure defined for general use when communicating with applications and services in the platform. The base structure was extended and defined for communication with the Set-Top-Box application running the graphical user interface.

An Android application was used to demonstrate that the design solution presented in this report opens up for the possibility of external devices to control the IP-Set-Top-Box beyond the limitations of a normal infrared remote control. The Android applications main focus is controlling the Spotify service of the IP-Set-Top-Box.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Nilsson, Mikael

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