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Exam Scheduler in .Net (Computer Project)

This project develops a software for “Merit Scholar” which conducts Certification exam for application developers. The Exams are conducted at various cities at different centers on different dates at particular time. Only few members are allowed to write the exam at particular time on a date at any center in a city.

The project is built using ASP.NET and C#. The zip file contains all the necessary .aspx, and images files. Functions: Entering User id, Password in the login screen for the administrator and application developer, Registration process for the examinee, Fixing venue and date by the examinee for a Certification Exam, Entering Exam centers, dates by the administrator for different certification exams, Displaying the Examinee ID, Examinee password and selected details for the examinee.

Following are some main files in this project:









Download Exam Scheduler .Net Source Code

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