Medical Shop Management System in VB.Net (Computer Project)

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This project handles all the transactions of a medical shop. This project handles all the purchasing and selling medicines, maintaining their inventory, generating sales invoices billings and purchase reports. It requires more time and effort when all procedures are performed manually.

In this project you can see the details of Suppliers, Billings, Products and Stocks. The downloadable zip file contains all the necessary .resx, .vb, and image files:

  • adminmain.Designer.vb
  • billing.Designer.vb
  • billtnsdet.resx
  • chngpass.Designer.vb
  • CrystalReport1.vb
  • custmed.Designer.vb
  • frmabout.resx
  • FrmLogin.vb
  • purchaserep.resx
  • salesrep.vb
  • stkpurchase.resx
  • stkreturn.Designer.vb
  • stockdet.resx
  • supplier.vb
  • supplierdetail.resx

Download Medical Shop Management System Source Code

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