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Socratenon – a Web-based Training System with an Intellect in Java (Computer Project)

The main goal of the project called Socratenon was to build a new Web-based training environment that would go beyond traditional ones. In the open literature, there are several solutions trying to accomplish the same to a certain degree. Some of them are nothing more but plain virtual textbooks that only flip pages on mouse-clicks.

More sophisticated techniques include user modeling in order to personalize the content for the user, adaptive interfaces, intelligent agents for improved assistance and search, neural networks and case-based reasoning for building intelligent back-ends, etc. In general, many existing learning environments lack interaction, full utilization of Web resources is scarce, while solutions utilizing a combination of all above are practically non-existent or in works.

This project tried to merge potentials of the new Internet technologies and the latest developments in cognitive sciences, on one hand, with the comfort of learning at the most suitable time and in the most suitable place, on the other hand.

The project has been finalized, the package works, and its performance had been tested both objectively and subjectively; it demonstrates superiority over similar solutions from the open literature. Its complexity is such that it can fit even the widespread PC platforms, although it demonstrates the best performance on state-of-the-art corporate platforms.
Authors: Nenad V. Nikolic | Milan V. Trajkovic | Milan M. Milicevic | Dragan Milicev | Dejan Marjanovic | Ivan D. Sokic | Veljko M. Milutinovic | Massimo De Santo | Saverio Salerno | Pierluigi Ritrovato | Marco Marsella |

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