Feasibility Study of a Plug-in Based Architecture for Mobile Blogging (Computer Project)

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New mobile phones provide a platform that enable users to easily upload content to the Internet, thanks to fast browsing through the network, high quality cameras, and interfaces that enable fast typing.

With these advantages, users have started to use their mobile phones as multimedia recorders of their life, uploading content to the Internet to share it with others. Mobile blogging is an activity that benefits from such characteristics. It is used by millions of people to express whatever they want, by exploiting the newest technologies within mobile devices.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications is a global company focused on the development of mobile devices. The company strives to make products that are enticing to end-users, by using the latest technologies and adding new applications that enhance the customer’s experience. Following the interest of their customers, they developed a blog application that enables users to submit blog posts to Google’s blogging service – Blogger.

Sony Ericsson would like, however, to expand the service they offer within their current blog application. They plan to create a blogging application that may be adapted to any company that provides a blogging service. The objective of this Master’s thesis was to determine if it is feasible to develop a plug-in based architecture that can be used for extending functionality to different Blog Service Providers (BSPs).

To achieve this, we defined what feasible implies for this scenario, and generated a set of architectures that gathered the knowledge of Sony Ericsson’s Messaging Department on this subject. Then we performed a technical feasibility study among the proposed architectures to determine the feasibility of the project.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: César Zapata Reyes, Christoffer Jakobsen

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