School Management System in .Net (Computer Project)

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This is a simple project designed professionally in dot net to manage the activities of a school such as student attendance, teachers employed, subjects, exams, school expenditures etc.

This project maintains all the records of attendance of Students, Teachers, class, Exams, Employee details, Expenditures spent and Subjects.

The downloadable zip file contains all the necessary .resx, .cs, and image files:

  • frm_login.cs
  • frmAboutUs.Designer.cs
  • frmAdminSet.resx
  • frmAttEmp.resx
  • frmAttStu.Designer.cs
  • frmClass.cs
  • frmEmployee.resx
  • frmExam.resx
  • frmExp.cs
  • frmExpDetail.resx
  • frmFindExp.Designer.cs
  • frmKey.cs
  • frmQemployee.cs
  • frmQaEmp.resx
  • frmQexam.cs
  • frmQsubject.resx
  • frmUreg.Designer.cs
  • MDIParent.Designer.cs

Author: Muhammad Sohail Qureshi

Download School Management System Project Code in .Net

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School Management System in .Net (Computer Project)” - 6 Comments

  1. Sethuraman said:

    Good being a student this is very usefull for me to learn more about codings.
    thanks to the author

  2. bhrugesh said:

    perfect project for vb .net startup
    thank you

  3. Melvin said:

    Really nice work…………. good to be here…………..

  4. atul said:

    its very good project for study ….thank you

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