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Information Technology Outsourcing and its Risks: Supplier lock-in, Hidden costs and the loss of control over Outsourced IT (Management Project)

Nowadays, information technology outsourcing (ITO) represents an established business practice in which a considerable number of companies are involved. Since the success of ITO is highly dependent on the exposure to ITO risks, studying the very risks is of great Continue reading

There will always be another Monday: A cross cultural study of Swedish and Chinese business perspectives (Management Project)

If you look out the window today you can observe influences from all over the world. It seems like the world has shrunken and accessibility has gotten a bigger impact. We are talking about globalization and it can be said to diminish the boarders and unite Continue reading

The Influence of Internal and External factors on the Supplier Selection: A study in the Swedish Furniture Industry (Management Project)

Sweden has a global reputation of producing exquisite and functional furniture, and the Swedish industrial design is internationally well-known. The supply of materials is necessary in every company and purchasing is responsible for coordinating and organising the supply. The materials purchased from vendors become Continue reading

Market efficiency for two classes of stocks in China: state owned and private companies (Management Project)

The fast-growing economy in China attracts the world’s interests, which includes the Chinese stock markets. The market efficiency of Chinese stock markets is widely discussed by researchers in different approaches. The involvement of government in stock markets is a unique case in Continue reading