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PIC Based Automatic Solar Radiation Tracker for Maximum Solar Energy

The following document details the research and evelopment of an Automatic Solar radiation tracker. Fossil fuels are a relatively short-term energy source; consequently, the uses of alternative sources such as solar energy are becoming more wide spread. To make solar energy more viable, the efficiency of solar array systems must be maximized. A feasible approach to maximizing the efficiency of solar array systems is sun tracking. Proposed in this report is a system that Continue reading

Home Security System

This is a digital home security system with voice feature which can monitor room temperature, smoke, motion, and windows & doors.

The goal of this project is to utilize the after-market parts and build an integrated home security system. Besides traditional magnetic switch equipped on doors and windows, we have also incorporated temperature sensor, smoke detectors, Continue reading

Distributed search for balanced energy consumption spanning trees in Wireless Sensor Networks

Sensor networks are commonly used for security and surveillance applications. As sensor nodes have limited battery power, computing, and storage resources, the energy efficient security techniques are needed.

We provide a new heuristic approach to search for balanced and small weight routing spanning trees in a network. The approach is Continue reading

Simple JAVA Search Engine

Nowadays every user who uses Internet wants to search for anything and everything, like Educational colleges, about Information Technology, books, news etc., using Search Engines. This is the need for every one.

This project is a simple search engine, which searches the web with 3 search engines and selects 25 top links and lists them. To develop this project we applied ranking algorithm Continue reading

Energy Efficient Virtual MIMO Communication for Wireless Sensor Networks

Virtual multiple input multiple output (MIMO) techniques are used for energy efficient communication in wireless sensor networks. We investigate virtual MIMO for fixed and variable rates. We propose energy efficient routing based on virtual MIMO. The simulation results show that virtual MIMO based routing is more energy efficient as compared to SISO (single input single output) for larger distances.


In recent years, virtual MIMO has attracted a growing interest because of its energy efficiency in large field of networks. In virtual MIMO network, a group of sensors cooperate Continue reading

Human Area Networking

So far we have seen LAN, MAN, WAN, INTERNET & many more but here is new concept of “RED TACTON” which makes the human body as a communication network by name….HAN (Human Area Network).

NTT lab from Japan is currently testing & developing this revolutionary technology. Red Tacton is a new Human Area networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high-speed network transmission path. Red Tacton uses the minute electric field generated by human body as Continue reading

JAVA Based Online Shopping

This project is a web-based online shopping application developed in JAVA LANGUAGE using Java as front end.

The main aim of “ONLINE SHOPPING” is to improve the services of Customers and vendors. It maintains the details of customer payments, product receipts, addition of new customers, products and also updating, deletion for the same. It also stores the details of invoices generated by customer and payments made by them with all Payments details like credit card.

The primary features of the project entitled “ONLINE SHOPPING” are high accuracy, design flexibility and easy availability. And also it uses database tables Representing entities and relationships between entities.


The central concept of the application is to allow the customer to shop virtually using the Internet and allow customers to buy the items and articles of their desire Continue reading

Agent-based peer-to-peer layered architecture for data transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks

Recently, there has been a growing interest in the potential use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in many applications such as smart environments, disaster management, combat field reconnaissance, and security surveillance. Therefore, to realize their potential, there is a need of an architecture that facilities the deployment of a network that is optimized in terms of energy, query and network configuration.

This paper focuses on developing agent-based peer-to-peer layered system architecture for Continue reading

Dynamic Compensation of the Reactive Energy using a Fuzzy Controller

Solving the capacitor Allocation problem means in general the determination of the optimal location, allocation sizes and switching times for capacitors to be installed on a distribution feeder. The application of capacitors in electric power system is intended for the control of power flow, improvement of stability, voltage profile management, power factor correction, and loss minimisation. The installation of FACTS devices increases Continue reading

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