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Development of a Student Bicycle (Mechanical Project)

In this report the eight steps in systems engineering process have been followed in order to develop a student bicycle. To successfully make a student bicycle needs and preferences had to be retrieved from the students. This has been done with an online survey.

The chosen concept, the Z-frame bicycle includes a unique frame, side kickstand, separate luggage carrier, integrated front light, back light mounted on the luggage carrier, an integrated chain lock, steer lock and a visible serial code on the frame. From a reliability allocation table it is estimated that the first failure that needs maintenance will occur after 226,2 hours of usage.

The price of the bicycle is estimated on €189,54 (about 1600 SEK), which is within the requirements. Simulating forces on the frames in SolidWorks showed that the frames are capable of handling the weight and forces that the student produces on the bicycle. Finally the steps that need to be fulfilled to make a working prototype are displayed in a Gantt-chart. The resulted conceptual student bicycle is a good representation of what a student needs and prefers in a bicycle.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Boessenkool, Karel | Meijer, Jonathan

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