Factors affecting the Dynamic Properties of Rubber Isolators (Mechanical Project)

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Rubber is a highly complicated material. Its properties are strongly dependent of temperature, preload, frequency, amplitude and filling materials.

In order to have better knowledge about how rubber reacts for these different parameters, a number of different papers that treats these parameters have been reviewed.

Main focus is on dynamic properties of carbon-black filled rubber. Mechanical models of rubber isolator with different kinds of possible solution have been suggested.

A basic mathematical equation is derived to estimate the static and dynamic stiffness of a rubber isolator depending on the preload for a geometry that is commonly used by Atlas Copco Rock Drills AB.

Tests of a rubber isolator with the same geometry is also conducted to validate the model. It is shown that the model corresponds very well to measurement data.
Source: Umeå University
Author: Olofsson, Andreas

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