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Further Developments of the Acbuilder Tool for Constructing Geometrical Models of Aircraft (Mechanical Project)

This report, along with Laurent Gourc’s and Ben Marchant’s reports, presents the work done on the development of the new AcBuilder, realized for CEASIOM. CEASIOM is a package of different modules, developed as part of the SimSAC project, which aims to Simulate Stability And Control Characteristics for Use in Conceptual Design.

First, the CEASIOM software is introduced in the context of the SimSAC project and, to know where the development of the aircraft builder tool (AcBuilder) is, an overview of the previous version is shown. Then, based on the issues noticed by the users and the programmers of CEASIOM, the goals of the project are presented in listing some modifications and improvements to bring to the software.

Secondly, the document treats about the requirements for the new AcBuilder development in order to reach the goals of the project. Those requirements come from both the programming languages used (Matlab and Java) and from the technical parts of the project (geometrical construction of aircraft).

Finally, this report presents the new AcBuilder tool, its new design interface, its new functionalities and the remaining improvements to implement in order to make the module compatible with the changes brought by the new requirements.
Source: KTH
Author: Saquet, Pierre

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