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Energy Saving Curtain: Energy Inventory And Conservation Possibilities (Mechanical Project)

This paper presents the energy saving curtains, in order to make the consumers be more aware of the energy efficiency of the energy saving curtains, the paper gave related analysis and conclusions.

The work was performed by using the Parasol Program, developed by Lunds University, Sweden. The Program is used for quantifying the influence of window size, glass type, textile type, wall thermal insulation and sun shading on annual energy use and indoor thermal comfort.

The results which are obtained from the calculations are applicable to similar climatic and environment conditions. Calculations were performed to investigate the potential for using sunshade devices to reduce annual energy demand for cooling and heating. Different materials and dimensions of the energy saving curtain are used as variables in the analysis.

The results indicated that for the current climatic conditions and other related factors, the total reduction rate of the annual energy consumption of office used buildings in Stockholm is estimated generally 20% -30% lower comparing to those buildings without energy saving curtain system. That means at least 20% of energy cost can be saved by the energy saving curtain system.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Zou, Fan

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