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Design of a Planetary-Cyclo-Drive Speed Reducer: Cycloid Stage, Geometry, Element Analyses (Mechanical Project)

This project has been assigned by SwePart Transmissions AB. It is about calculation and dimensioning, of the elements in a cycloid stage of a speed reducer. Their idea is to use the results from this project and go into production of such reducer to cover another segment of the market.

The company is interested in supplying transmissions for robust systems and for various industrial purposes, where large ratios of speed reduction are needed. The company has given the necessary input data for the model. They have also provided a real cyclo-drive reducer for further analyses.

To obtain the dimensions and forming the geometry of the gears, some parts of Professor Ognyan Alipiev’s Phd work have been used. Professor Alipiev is head of “Theory of Mechanisms and Machines” department in University of Ruse “Angel Kunchev”, Bulgaria. For the determination of forces on the elements, models and drawings has been used Solidworks (SW) CAD software and SW simulation environment. The resultant calculation process can be used for designing the geometry and determination of the properties regarding the cycloid reducer.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Borislavov, Biser | Borisov, Ivaylo | Panchev, Vilislav

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