Mechatronics Design of a Low-Cost Packaging and Dosing Machine for Doughy Products (Electronics/Mechanical Project)

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The need to improve a packaging system of a company was the idea that impelled the realization of this mechatronics project.

So taking into account the significance that represented for the company the acquiring of a mechanism that would allow the upgrading of the product, at a low cost, this research was developed; where, first of all, the type of machinery that would be able to take effect according to the characteristics of the substances to be packed was examined.

Then, the design parameters were analyzed in order to verify, that the machine complied with the specifications and rules established, and finally the construction of a prototype that described the different stages of the packaging process emphasizing the technical and economic solutions that were presented for the company, was developed.

The machine uses two types of actuating system: electrical and pneumatic. The electric system controls the security of the machine, the temperature control of the sealing, and also actuates the pneumatic system which actuates the dosing valve and the horizontal seal.

The interaction between these systems and also with a third component related with legal rules from a food engineering point of view allowed us to conceive the machine as a mechatronic design.
Source: ABCM
Authors: Omar Lengerke | Carol Viviana Martínez | Max Suell Dutra | Magda J. Morales T | Fabrício Lopes e Silva

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