Introducing Additional Heat Storage to the Hasselby CHP Plant- A Case Study on Ecological and Economical Benefits (Mechanical Project)

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This paper deals with the cogeneration plant in Hässelby, Sweden and the district heating grid of north-western Stockholm. Before the background of the complex system of plants connected to the district heating grid and a volatile electricity market, the paper shows possible ways to optimise production at the Hässelby cogeneration plant by introducing additional heat storage.

The pursued idea is to use heat storage to maximize electricity production during electricity peak price hours and store the excess heat for later supply. At the same time, heat storage can also be used to minimise production from more expensive heat plants. The situation is analysed by using the modelling and simulation software energyPRO.

Based on the present value method, the evaluation implies a good investment potential for enlarging the existing heat storage. The conducted sensitivity analysis shows that the present value increases with growing storage capacity. The highest obtained present value is about 12,500,000€.
Source: KTH
Author: Schröder, David

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