Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Commercial Vehicle with Van Body (Mechanical Project)

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A vehicle and its structural components are subjected to loads which cause stresses, strains, deflections, vibration and noise in the components. To achieve a quality vehicle, i.e. one having longer fatigue life, reduced weight, reduced cost, and so on, it becomes necessary to use materials of appropriate strength and stiffness property with the most appropriate geometry (form). One way to achieve this is evaluation and assessment of responses of the vehicle to different loads.

This research addresses responses of a vehicle to static and dynamic loads. The entire analysis is done for an ISUZU NPR model commercial vehicle with van body. The method used is finite element modeling and analysis for which the inputs are obtained from quarter car model analysis. The responses to static loads and random excitation caused by road roughness are determined. Components and, particularly areas which are much affected by the different loads are identified. Finally, conclusions based on the results and recommendations which can be extensions of this research are also presented.
Source: Addis Ababa University
Author: Kassahun Mekonnen

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