Energy saving at gas compressor stations through the use of parametric diagnostics (Mechanical Project)

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Increasingly growing consumption of natural gas all around the world requires development of new transporting equipment and optimization of existing pipelines and gas pumping facilities. As a special case, Russian gas pumping system has the longest pipes with large diameter, which carry great amounts of natural gas.

So, as reconstruction and modernization needs large investments, a need of more effective and low cost tool appeared. As a result diagnostics became the most wide-spread method for lifecycle assessment, and lifecycle extension for gas pumping units and pipelines.One of the most effective method for diagnostics of gas pumping units is parametric diagnostics. It is based on evaluation of measurement of several termo-gas dynamic parameters of gas pumping units, such as pressures, temperatures and rotational speed of turbines and compressors.

In my work I developed and examined a special case of parametric diagnostics – methodic for evaluation of technical state and output parameters for gas pumping unit “Ural-16”. My work contains detailed analysis of various defects, classified by different GPU’s systems. The results of this analysis are later used in development of the methodic for calculation of output parameters for gas pumping unit.

GPU is an extremely complex object for diagnostics. Around 200 combinations of Gas Turbine engines with centrifugal superchargers, different operational conditions and other aspects require development of separate methodic almost for each gas pumping unit type.Development of each methodic is a complex work which requires gathering of all possible parametric and statistical data for the examined gas pumping unit. Also parameters of compressed gas are measured.

Thus as a result a number of equations are formed which finally allow to calculate such parameters as efficiency, fuel gas consumption and technical state coefficient which couldn’t be measured directly by existing measuring equipment installed on the gas compressor station.
Source: KTH
Author: Angalev, Mikhail

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