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Simulation of Residual Stresses in Castings (Mechanical Project)

This work presents a study and implementation of the simulation of residual stresses in castings. The objects of study are a cast iron truck Hub part (provided by the company Volvo 3P) and an optimized version of the Hub resulting from the application of a topology optimization process.

The models are solved through an uncoupled thermo-mechanical solidification analysis, performed both in the FE commercial software Abaqus and the FD commercial software Magmasoft and the results are compared.

First, a thermal analysis is carried out where the casting is cooled down from a super-heated temperature to room temperature. The thermal history obtained, is then used as an external force to calculate the residual stresses by means of a quasi-static mechanical analysis, using a J2-plasticity model.

The simulation procedures are explained through a simplified model of the Hub and then applied to the geometries of interest. A results comparison between the original Hub and its optimized version is also presented. The theoretical base is given in this work as well as detailed implementation procedures. The results shows that the part subjected to the topology optimization process develop less residual stresses than its original version.
Author: Lora, Ruben | Namjoshi, Jayesh
Source: Jönköping University

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