Energy Conservation in Moldova – Opportunities in the Industrial and Residential Sectors (Mechanical Project)

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The importance of energy conservation in all the aspects of energy production, transportation, distribution and utilisation should not be underestimated. A special attention to that is paid since the oil crisis in 70’s of the last century. Today energy efficiency has increased considerably, but there is still a potential for energy savings. This potential is widely spread in power plants, energy supply systems, factories, plants, agricultural and residential facilities.

In the countries in transition, such as former socialist countries, energy saving policies have started not so long time ago and a lot of work is to be done in order to improve energy efficiency and approach the level of developed countries. In Moldova, the energy sector is one of the most problematic parts of the national economy. 98% of the primary energy resources are imported, which complicates very much energy security in the state.

Some internal problems, such as lack of investments in the sector, old and inefficient facilities, uncontrolled and unpaid energy consumption, internal social and political instability create additional difficulties in improving this situation. Industry and residential sector consume the highest amount of the supplied energy. It is obvious that improved energy efficiency in these sectors could lead to big energy savings. Reduction in energy consumption will favourably influence the impact of the energy sector on the environment.

The present work aims at identifying energy saving potential in the industrial and residential facilities in Moldova. Interdependence between energy and environment, the positive influence of reduced energy consumption on the environment is shown. Future development strategies and energy resources potential are also discussed.

A brief history overview of Moldova and of the energy sector development are presented for a better understanding of the particularities and reasons of the present situation. This is followed by a description of the energy sector in Moldova, its infrastructure and economy, the problems to pass and energy security objectives. In the following part, energy and environment issues are discussed and the way energy conservation influences environmental impact. Environmental aspects of energy use, policy, legislation and institutions in Moldova are also described. Energy Conservation Programme is presented concluding this part.

Energy utilisation sector, with deeper analysis of industrial and residential parts is overviewed in the main part of the study. Energy conservation measures are discussed in case studies and the energy savings potential is shown.

Scenarios and strategies for future development of the energy system of Moldova are described as a result of the study. Conclusions and further work suggestions are made.
Source: KTH
Author: Samoteeva, Oxana

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