Linear Acoustic Modelling and Testing of Exhaust Mufflers (Mechanical Project)

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Intake and Exhaust system noise makes a huge contribution to the interior and exterior noise of automobiles. There are a number of linear acoustic tools developed by institutions and industries to predict the acoustic properties of intake and exhaust systems.

The present project discusses and validates, through measurements, the proper modelling of these systems using BOOST-SID and discusses the ideas to properly convert a geometrical model of an exhaust muffler to an acoustic model. The various elements and their properties are also discussed.

When it comes to Acoustic properties there are several parameters that describe the performance of a muffler, the Transmission Loss (TL) can be useful to check the validity of a mathematical model but when we want to predict the actual acoustic behavior of a component after it is installed in a system and subjected to operating conditions then we have to determine other properties like Attenuation, Insertion loss etc,.

Zero flow and Mean flow (M=0.12) measurements of these properties were carried out for mufflers ranging from simple expansion chambers to complex geometry using two approaches 1) Two Load technique 2) Two Source location technique. For both these cases, the measured transmission losses were compared to those obtained from BOOST-SID models. The measured acoustic properties compared well with the simulated model for almost all the cases.
Source: KTH
Author: Ramanathan, Sathish Kumar

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