Validation and integration of a Rubber Engine Model into an MDO environment (Mechanical Project)

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Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) is a technique that has found use in the field of aerospace engineering for aircraft design. It uses optimization to simultaneously solve design problems with several disciplines involved. In order to predict aircraft performance an engine performance simulation model, also called “rubber engine”, is vital. The goal of this project is to validate and integrate a rubber engine model into an MDO environment.

A method for computer simulation of gas turbine aero engine performance was created. GasTurb v11, a commercial gas turbine performance simulation software, was selected for doing the simulation models. The method was validated by applying it to five different jet engines of different size, different type and different age. It was shown that the simulation engine model results are close to the engine manufacturer data in terms of SFC and net thrust during cruise, maximum climb (MCL) and take off (MTO) thrust ratings.

The cruise, take off and climb SFC was in general predicted within 2% error when compared to engine manufacturer performance data. The take off and climb net thrust was in general predicted with less than 5% error. The integration of the rubber engine model with the MDO framework was started and it was demonstrated that the model can run within the MDO software. Four different jet engine models have been prepared for use within the optimization software.

The main conclusion is that GasTurb v11 can be used to make accurate jet engine performance simulation models and that it is possible to incorporate these models into an MDO environment.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Wemming, Hannes

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