Interaction between Brand Communities and a Brand Owner: The effect on community members perception of a brand (Management Project)

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Purpose: The aim of the paper is to improve the understanding of effects caused by involvement of brand community members in communication with a brand owning company.

The research has been conducted in Moscow, Russia. It examines brand values associated with Audi by Audi Club Moscow members, and those ones perceived by non-community members, and beside this, the degree of involvement in communication with the company of both.

Research Method: Numerous in-depth interviews have been processed among brand community members, people outside the community and the Audi AG employees.

Results: Through the analysis of primary data it was found that thanks to active communication with Audi brand community members associate with the brand values, similar to the brand holder’s ones. However, people outside the community, who do not actively communicate with the company, have the tendency to perceive brand values, controversial to brand owner’s ones.

Research limitations/implications: Due to the time and resources limits only one Audi brand community was chosen to represent Russia’s market. The investigation of communication channels between a brand and brand communities could be the direction of further studies.

Practical implications: The results of the study might have value for practical implementation in business; they could be used for building up and managing communication between a company and brand communities.

Originality/value: This study supplies the contribution to the existing literature and companies’ managers disclosing a field not analyzed before
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Adomaviciute, Inga | Danilov, Denis

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