Optimization as a Thermodynamic System (Mechanical Project)

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As we know that nature made the things optimized in all point of views, also it is supposed that nature works under some evolutionary process. Since there was no such Evolutionary Structural Optimization (ESO) method having strong mathematical background, that’s why these are not much reliable. The purpose of this thesis work is a little effort to introduce such an ESO method having a strong mathematical background.

In this study work Optimization as a thermodynamic system, we are introducing a new method for topology optimization by using concept of Free Energy and Dissipation Potential from non-smooth thermodynamics system. For better understanding we may call it as Evolutionary Structural Topology Optimization (ESTO), and this project work is done in the following steps.

An evolution problem is formulated in terms of free energy and dissipation potential for a non-smooth thermodynamical system. Free energy is taken as an objective function for a general structural optimization problem.

Derivation of a well posed evolution problem for which evolution is such that objective function always decreases. An optimality criteria method is derived for given evolution problem and it is implemented in a FEM program TRINITAS. And the behaviour of the so called evolutionary parameters such as Forward and Backward plastic constants is analyzed.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Asghar, Raja Babar

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