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Hotspot Remediation using Germanium Self Cooling Technology (Mechanical Project)

Localized thermoelectric “self cooling” in semiconductor materials is among the most promising approaches for the remediation of on-chip hot spots resulting from the shrinking feature sizes and faster switching speeds of nanoelectronic components.

Self cooling in a germanium chip is investigated, using 3-dimensional, thermal-electric, coupled numerical simulations, for a range of systems and geometric parameters. The results suggest that localized cooling, associated with the introduction of an electric current on the back surface of a germanium chip, can effectively reduce the hot spot temperature rise on the active side of the chip.

It was found that self cooling in a 100µm thick chip could provide between 3.9ºC and 4.5ºC hotspot temperature reduction. When using a germanium layer above an electrically insulated silicon layer, self-cooling was found to yield an additional 1ºC to 2º C temperature reduction. A streamlined computational tool is developed to facilitate the identification of optimal cooling parameters.
Source: University of Maryland
Author: Horacio Nochetto

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