The Battle of DTAC in Thailand’s Mobile Phone Operator Market (Management Project)

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Strategic question: How can DTAC gain higher market share by focusing on customers in Bangkok?

Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate, analyze current competition between DTAC and other competitors with customer insight in order to find out the possibility for DTAC to gain more market share in Thai telecommunication market by focusing on customers in Bangkok area.

Theory and Method: Researchers apply ‘Business Strategy theory and Marketing mix for service company or 7Ps’ to answer the strategic question by collecting primary data from questionnaire and interview, while the secondary data are collected from various reliable sources. The analysis of the data has been preformed in accordance with the chosen theories and summarized in a table, which serves a tool for deriving reliable and relevant conclusions.

Target audience: The projects analysis and conclusion will contribute very positive benefit and useful information towards Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (DTAC). Researchers strongly believe that the company’s intend to use this study as a base for their further business strategies. We also consider that our research could give general guidance and will be of benefit to marketers in similar fields on how to analyze competitive environment.

Conclusion: From the result of internal and external evaluation matrix, DTAC can gain advantage of the opportunities and reduce negative effects from the threats as well as reinforce the strengths and minimize the weaknesses efficiently. As a consequence, in order to gain higher market share in Thai mobile phone market, DTAC has to improve the overall elements of marketing mix for service company (7Ps) substantially. To enhance competitive position in the market, DTAC has to increase company performance especially in quality of signal, sale promotion, in-store advertisement, store image, store layout and decoration and store facility elements because of DTAC received lower of satisfaction rate compared to what customer expected.

Furthermore, strengthening the other attributes in each element of Product, Price, Place, Process, Promotion, People and Physical evidence also help DTAC to gain higher market share.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Vanasakul, Parunya | Arayaphong, Supisra | Wankeao, Ploychompoo

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