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Brand Origin: How Does it Impact Brand Awareness and Brand Image (Management Project)

As globalization influences today’s world markets, many brands are becoming international and global. When a brand is in an international market it creates an opportunity for perceived brand origin to influence the consumers.

Brand origin effect refers to the different ways that the perceived origin of a brand influences the consumers, for example, the consumer brand equity or purchase behaviour. The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate brand origins effect on brand image and brand awareness. There has been research on this in the past; however, only few of them have focused on emerging markets.

Therefore, we will investigate the brand origin effect in emerging markets. The study is performed in Ecuador, and the data is collected through structured interviews within the target population. The dissertation was done in collaboration with the Swedish company Husqvarna. Therefore, it was the brand awareness and image of Husqvarna in particular that was studied.

The results of this dissertation indicate that there are relationships between the variables brand origin, brand image and brand awareness. First of all, there were indications that consumers in emerging markets prefer brands from developed countries. The second relationship that the results indicate is that a more positive image of perceived brand origin means a more positive image of brand image.

The last relationship is that a more positive image of perceived brand origin, leads to a higher sense of brand awareness. However, it is necessary to mention that none of these relationships could be proven to be significant through statistical testing. As a result of this, this dissertation provides a good foundation for future research where the relationships should be further studied.
Source: Kristianstad University
Author: Baeza, Julia | Ånmo, Caroline

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