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Rebranding’s Impact on Brand Attitude and Customer-Based Brand Equity among Swedish Consumers (Management Project)

Research Question:
How will brand attitude and customer based brand equity change after a revolutionary rebranding among Swedish consumers?

Research Purpose:
The purpose of this study is to examine earlier research and determine elements within brand names and brand logos that lead to positive brand attitude and customer based brand equity. Resulting in a model over revolutionary rebranding’s impact on brand attitude and customer based brand equity.

Frame of References:
The theoretical framework presents the variables within this research (brand commitment, brand attitude and customer based brand equity). Including characteristics of a good brand name and brand logo (leading to brand awareness, brand attitude and brand commitment) and theories on the four different brand functions (leading to brand commitment and customer based brand equity).

This is a descriptive dissertation using a predominantly quantitative strategy with a deductive and extensive approach.

Testing research hypotheses and analysing covariance of variables that might impact the answer of the research question.

Discusses the result of the hypothesis testing based on theory and analysis.

Summarizes the findings of this research and describes how brand attitude changes after revolutionary rebrandings by suggesting a brand attitude matrix.
Source: Halmstad University
Authors: Bengtsson, Anna | Larsson, Ida

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