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Between Mission and Market: The Creation of Fundraising Propositions (Management Project)

The voluntary sector is growing in importance; in fundraising turnover, number of players and marketing professionalism. This study explores the process by which the fundraising organisations define and develop their propositions to the market.

Starting with an observation that organisations with very different history and tradition present themselves to the market in similar ways, it investigates how three leading Swedish organisations create the basis for their propositions to the market of donors, which in fundraising practice jargon is called the Case for Support.

Drawing upon research in philanthropic giving and organisational identity, the author suggests a theoretical framework for such a fundraising Case for Support. It recognises two main sources of influence, an external market source driven by donors, consumer image and behavioural trends and an internal mission driven source, defined by organisational history, values and programme track record.

In the playing field between Market and Mission an organisation can reflect, develop and communicate their Case for Support – and their own “selves”.
Source: Gotland University
Author: Birnbaum Guillet de Monthoux, Paula

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