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Expansion on the Domestic Market for Fresh Products, A Freight Forwarder’s Perspective (Management Project)

Increasing competition on a global scale is forcing companies to rethink their strategies concerning their supply chains, launch new products and services, increase customer service oriented activities. When launching a new product on a new or an existing market it is crucial to estimate the market potential.

The market for fast consumer goods is one of the most demanding markets globally and requires special attention from the logistic service providers.There is a lack of theoretical material written on this topic for starting practitioners and for experienced specialists. Hence we try in this thesis to shed light on what the necessary prerequisites that a freight forwarder ought to consider when launching a new product in the category of fast moving consumer goods, hereafter named “Fresh” products.

Schenker Arkas provides a good example for building a theoretical framework around their case due to the Turkey’s strategic position in the region and the ideal climate for “Fresh” products market. From empirical findings we can conclude that Turkish exports is experiencing a strong growth,in particular “Fresh” products which is growing at a higher rate that the total. For freight forwarders there is a great opportunity capitalize on the steady growth in “Fresh” exports but to completely take advantage of growth it is essential that freight forwarders convince customers of the value they bring by participating in the supply chain.
Source: Jönköping University
Author: Wigsten, Sebastian | Mihailenco, Alexandru

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