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Customer Satisfaction in Reference to Asian Paints Ltd (Management Project)

This project gives brief study, on what is customer satisfaction and the techniques of achieving Customer Satisfaction. It also provides significance of the conducting the customer satisfaction research and how and when to conduct it. Based on the topic, this project analyzes the Customer Satisfaction in Reference to Asian Paints Ltd.

It gives a brief report on the profile of the Asian Paints Co. About  its vision , history, current status, its achievements as a firm  in the paint industry. The project also speaks on its various product profiles and its future plans. It shows what strategies the Asian paints ltd  have used for satisfying the customers.

To undertake the research the questionnaire is prepared so as  to  know how much the customers are  satisfied after using Asian Paints, are they willing to be a loyal customers or do they prefer other brands. The survey reflects the areas where the company  needs to improve and the areas where it from where it has gained its popularity.
Author: Shaikh Reeha Vasi

Download Project Report on Customer Satisfaction in Reference to Asian Paints Ltd.doc

Customer Awareness – A Study with reference to Asian Paints India Ltd

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