Diagnostic Study on Readymade Garments Industry (Management Project)

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Clothes are an epitome of a culture. People in different parts of the world have their own styles of dressing which symbolize their culture and status. The last two centuries have seen an upsurge in the use of man made textiles like polyster, nylon, PP, acrylic etc in almost every part of the world.

The textile industry including readymade garments occupies a unique position in the Indian economy. Its predominant presence in the Indian economy is manifested in terms of its significant contribution to the industrial production, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings.

It contributes about 14% to the industrial production and about 4% to the GDP. It has immense potential for employment generation particularly in the rural and remote areas of the country on account of its close linkage with agriculture.

It provides direct employment to about 35 million persons including substantial segments of SC and ST women. In fact, the textile industry is the second largest provider of employment after agriculture. The contribution of this industry to the gross export earnings of the country is about 37% while it adds only 1 – 1.5% to the gross import bill of the country.

It is the only industry which is self reliant and complete in value chain i.e. from raw material to the highest value a dded products i.e. garments/made ups. As a corollary to this the growth and promotion of this industry has a significant influence on the overall economic development of our country. The diagnostic study of the readymade garment cluster, Bangalore is presented in this report.

The report is based on the interaction and deliberations with the SME actors in the cluster, the entrepreneurs with which the SME actors do business, related associations, Institutes, Govt. agencies and Apparel Export Promotion Council, Bangalore.

The secondary information was collected from various sources like related articles, book reports, statistics from various departments, as sociations, Internet sources etc. Informal interviews were also conducted with enlightened and experienced entrepreneurs, promoters, machinery repair workshops, owners, artisans, contractors, agents etc., who have long stint in the Readymade Garment manufacturing business and technical experience.
Source: EDIIndia
Author: R Gopinath Rao

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