3D-Modeling and Energy Simulation of a Single Family House in Southern Greece (Civil Project)

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Energy usage deriving from human activities is increasing day by day acting against the quality of the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources. The major impact of these actions is reflected on the quality of daily life.

In order to face the challenge of preserving an acceptable balance between human needs and environmental status, the combination of proper design and energy simulation of buildings is the key towards smarter and more sustainable solutions.

Solutions that covers a respectable percentage of the current domestic energy needs without further environmental foot printing. In the scope of this project, an existing single-family house in Southern Greece (Heraklion, Crete) is modeled using Revit

® Architecture software and then is simulated with IES® VE (plug-in) in order to give the level of energy intensity. The energy model used is fully harmonized with the new rules set by the “National Regulation for Energy Performance of Buildings – (K.En.A.K)” as it was put in force from October 2010 and onwards, and fully complies with the European Standards (EN ISO) published for the various tasks of building`s thermal performance.

The structure and contents presented in this report are in full compliance with the technical directives published by the Technical Chamber of Greece, in favour of the complex task of “Energy Certification of Buildings”. The most significant capabilities of sophisticated software tools, like Revit® Architecture, IES® VE, Polysun® and PVsyst®, in favour of sustainable building design and simulation are shown throughout the whole report.

Moreover, their valuable contribution is highly acknowledged by the engineers encountered with the task of studying the energy performance of existing or newly constructed buildings in Greece and issuing, the mandatory by law, “Energy Performance Certificates”.
Source: KTH
Author: Liotsios, Kyriakos

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