The phenomenon of Motivation within an Employment & taffing company: A qualitative study at Proffice (Management Project)

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Background: This study concerns motivation to work and aims to contribute to a better understanding about the area. Motivation is however complex to understand. The complexity can be illustrated by, still to date there exists no single accepted definition about the meaning of motivation. As long as motivation means different things it will be a difficult area to study.

Since individuals have different needs and are motivated by different factors, makes the area even more complex to study. Since money makes it possible to acquire different things and satisfy some of the human needs, it is also considered by some to be motivating, why we chose to include wage in our study as well.

The study has been applied to an employment & staffing companym, to contribute with a better understanding about motivation in this kind of company in practice since the working conditions differ somewhat from a traditional employment where individuals work directly for their employer.

Problem area:
– What motivates individuals to work for an employment & staffing company?
– What effect does the wage have on employee motivation in an employment & staffing company?

Purpose: The purpose with the study is to gain a better understanding about motivation to work and the relationship between wage and motivation in an employment and staffing company.

Method: We chose to conduct a qualitative study at Proffice where we interviewed four permanently employed consultants.

Conclusions: Individuals have different needs and are motivated by different things which makes it difficult to draw general conclusion about motivation. The individuals in this particular study were pleased with the variation of jobs since it allowed them to develop and learn new things which in turn can be motivating. The factors that the individuals were unsatisfied with were the lack of security with the employment and the social relations to colleagues and employer, aspects that in turn can have a negative effect on motivation when not satisfied.

Despite that the majority of the individuals in the study were dissatisfied with the wage it did not seem to have a negative effect on their performance since they would not been able to remain for such a long time at their current mission if they had not performed well at the job. Although the dissatisfaction seemed to have a negative effect on motivation to stay within the employment & staffing company in the long run.

Recommendations for further studies: Further studies on the subject could be performed using other methods to conduct the research since the results are very much dependent on the methods used. Another approach could be to include respondents from other offices. Since we only included permanently employed respondents the study could also be further developed by involving probationary employed.
Source: University of Skövde
Authors: Bobar, Amela | Caperman, Oskar

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