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Mutual Funds in Germany and Sweden: Performance and Fees Analysis (Management Project)

Previous studies in mutual funds were focused mainly on the US market. The general belief is that mutual funds in average cannot outperform the market. We decided to test this theory in the less studied markets of equity funds in Sweden and Germany. Another controversial point is fees in mutual funds. Therefore we will give an overview of fees in both markets, and analyze the relation between fees and performance.

This study analyzes the Swedish and the German mutual funds market. For the German market,funds with domicile in Germany and abroad are analyzed separately in order to examine possible differences between funds with a domestic domicile, and funds domiciled abroad.1285 funds performances covering period of 2000-2008 were calculated using Jensen’s Alpha measure. The results showed that all funds have on average negative alphas. Approximately 20% of funds in the German market and 12% of the funds in the Swedish market have significantly negative performance.

Regarding fees, there is only a small difference between funds in the German and the Swedish market in general, while the difference between funds domiciled in Germany and Luxembourg was significantly bigger.Our analysis of the relation between fees and performance showed no significant relationship.
Source: Umeå University
Author: Burger, Andreas | Shabanli, Seymur

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